Boarding The Pirates And Attacking The Empire – Warhammer Man O’ War: Corsair Chaos Gameplay Part 2

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Warhammer Man O’ War: Corsair is a naval combat game based on the tabletop game Man O’ War from Games Workshop. You guys know that I sure do like my naval battles! Man O’ War is based in the Warhammer Fantasy universe, so all of your favourite Warhammer Fantasy factions are there; like The Empire, Dwarfs, Elves, and Chaos… except for Chaos Dwarfs, I guess they don’t have boats.

Awhile back Evil Twin Artworks, the developers of Man O’ War: Corsair, released a new update that added in the Chaos faction. One of the new updates also added the ability to board other enemy ships. Playing as Chaos is different than playing as an Independent. We must gain favor with our God, Khorne the Blood God. With favor, we can petition Khorne for new units, allied ships, and upgrades. To get favor, we must raid and plunder ports and destroy enemy ships. There are also sea monsters in the game; like the Megalodon, the Behemoth, and the Leviathan.

In this playthrough of Man O’ War: Corsair, we’ll be playing as a Chaos Warrior. From my understanding, our goal is to appease Khorne, so that he may bless us and transform us into a Demon Prince.

Blood For The Blood God! Skulls For The Skull Throne! Milk For The Khorne Flakes!

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About Man O’ War: Corsair

Engage in epic naval combat and explore the oceans of the Warhammer world.
Man O’ War: Corsair is a video game of high adventure, naval combat and exploration based on the Games Workshop classic Man O’ War table top game.

Your Quest
Sail the seas plundering enemy ships, visiting ports, and trading. Dominate everything in your path with a fleet of ships at your back and watch people flee at the mere sight of you, leaving legends of your deeds in the history books and steel through the hearts of your enemies.

Explore and Fight
Captain a wide variety of unique sailing vessels, explore and trade whilst combating enemy ships in frantic naval action.

Boarding Actions
As well as sea battles, engaging in boarding actions with enemy vessels sees you walking the deck, weapon in hand, attacking enemy crew. Loot the vessels or sink them, the choice is yours.

Enemies and Allies
Buy a variety of unique and deadly ships. Command allies from different races and fight many deadly enemies. Fierce storms, deadly fleets and terrible foes will block your path to ultimate glory.

Custom Battles
Build your own fleet from any faction in game, and battle it against any foe you choose.

The Old World
A captain in Man O’ War: Corsair can sail the coast of a huge continent in the Warhammer world. Visiting over 50 ports from Erengrad to Sartosa, the sea is yours to explore.
A heroic adventurer does not only have enemy ships to contend with. The deep and unexplored oceans hold terrifying creatures that few see and live to tell the tale.
These deadly creatures emerging from the deep sea will chill blood and drop jaws in equal measure. The wise would attempt to flee but those brave enough to tackle such creatures will be famed throughout the world.

Here there be monsters….


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