Chicken Assassin: Master of Humiliation Gameplay – No Such Thing as Leg Day

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If you like chicken and clickers, then you might want to have a look into this fun little game.

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Please be aware that this game is still in development, so there most likely will be bugs.


About Chicken Assassin: Master of Humiliation

“Chicken Assassin – Master of Humiliation – Pure Action, All Fun! Our demo is out so take a moment to play the release and find out why so many people have vowed to support this team of 3 indies in their quest to Greenlight a truly unique & awesome game!

Demo features limited content to give players a feel for the game! We received a lot of feedback about this.
Link to Demo:

-Thick animated battle missions
-Massive index of collectible Items
-Item Types: Weapon/Armor/Necklace/Potion/Junk and many more
-Currency of Souls
-Upgrades and permanent stat buffs
-Unlockable features throughout the game
-Unique art style and thousands of detailed animations
-Customizable wardrobe for Mean McAllister (our hero chicken)

In 3 days – our team became one of the highest rated games on Game Jolt. We have received almost all perfect ratings. If you want to dismiss this game, you must play it first to earn that right! Our heart and soul is in it. Chicken Assassin is coming! Play it now via our demo and find out if you want to be a part of this. We would be glad to hear from you!”

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Created by Rammo YT (

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