Cosmoteer – Capital Ship, Over 1000 Crew Members – Let’s Play Cosmoteer Star Wars Gameplay Ep 38

Welcome to our new capital ship. The capital ship has over 1000 crew members on board and is covered in layers of shields and guns.

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In Cosmoteer you play as a spacefaring bounty hunter. You are able to build and design your own space ships and command them in battle. Cosmoteer can be difficult at times, but it’s already a ton of fun.

In this let’s play of Cosmoteer, I’m playing the Abh Mod. This mod adds a ton of new weapons, shields, and other types of rooms to Cosmoteer.

Cosmoteer is currently still in development and is available free for the time being.

Thank you for watching this let’s play Cosmoteer mod gameplay video! You guys know what to do if you like the #video! 😀


In this series of Cosmoteer, I’m using the Abh Mod and/or the Star Wars mod.

Abh Mod is one of the largest mods for Cosmoteer. It features a ton of new items.

Abh Mod:

Star Wars: A Cosmos Divided is a mod that will add many Star Wars aspects to your Cosmoteer game.

Star Wars: Cosmos Divided:


About Cosmoteer

Cosmoteer is a starship design, simulation, and battle game. Design a fleet of ships by laying out individual rooms and corridors, including cannons, lasers, shields, and thrusters. Battle other starships to earn bounties and use that money to expand your own ship. A dynamic crew and combat simulation makes every design decision important and interesting.

Cosmoteer’s Website:


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