I Love This Build, My Best Loadout, Rapier And Shield Combo – Let’s Play MORDHAU Gameplay Ep 6

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Today in MORDHAU, I show you my favourite builds in the game, the rapier and shield combo. The rapier deals a good amount of damage and has fairly long reach for a one handed weapon. But what sets the rapier from other weapons is that it can attack very fast, allowing you to hit people before they hit you. Add in a shield and you probably have the best loadout in the game. I do feel that the rapier might be a bit op, since you can keep attacking for awhile. I do have the friendly perk just in case I hit an allies and I’m using the second wind perk to help keep my stamina up, but second wind could always be replaced with whatever works for you. For armour, I’m wearing heavy armour on my chest and head, and I’m wearing light armour on my legs. I could probably swap the heater shield and friendly perk for the kite shield if I can watch who I stab, but for now the heater shield and friendly perk works for me. I tend to pick up another shield while on the battlefield. For me, this is probably the best build in the game, I’ve been loving this rapier and shield combo.

My Best Loadout:

Second Wind

Heavy Head
Heavy Chest
Light Legs

Heater Shield

Heater Shield and Friendly perk can be swapped for Kite Shield.

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#MORDHAU is a multiplayer medieval slasher. Create your mercenary and fight in brutal battles where you will experience fast paced combat, castle sieges, cavalry charges, and more.

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MORDHAU is a medieval first & third person multiplayer slasher. Enter a hectic battlefield of up to 64 players as a mercenary in a fictional, but realistic world, where you will get to experience the brutal and satisfying melee combat that will have you always coming back for more.


Massive battles: From small-scale engagements to 64-player all-out war in modes such as Frontline and Battle Royale.
Cooperative & offline play: Fight waves of enemies alongside your friends in the cooperative Horde mode, or practice your skills offline against AI.

Free-form melee and ranged combat: Gain complete control over your character and attacks and develop your unique style.
In-depth character customization: Sculpt your face, create your weapon from parts, and pick out individual pieces of armor to create the perfect warrior.

Huge arsenal of weapons & equipment: Take on enemies with a greatsword, rain arrows from above, or even sit back and build fortifications.

Fight anywhere: Experience cavalry charges, fight on ladders, and operate siege engines such as the catapult and ballista.
Visceral and gory combat: Feel the impact of every blow, and send limbs flying as you wreak havoc upon your foes. (Blood & gore are optional)

Believable fights: A game where fights look believable, MORDHAU strikes a balance between gameplay and realism.

MORDHAU’s Steam Page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/629760/MORDHAU/


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