Just Cause 3 (Lets Play | Gameplay) Episode 27: Son of Medici

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We must liberate our fellow country men from a ruthless dictator, by blowing everything up in site…. including our fellow country men.

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Publisher: Square Enix

Developer: Avalanche Studios

Game’s Site: https://justcause.com/en-us


About Just Cause 3:

“The Mediterranean republic of Medici is suffering under the brutal control of General Di Ravello, a dictator with an insatiable appetite for power. Enter Rico Rodriguez, a man on a mission to destroy the General’s hold on power by any means necessary. With over 400 square miles of complete freedom from sky to seabed and a huge arsenal of weaponry, gadgets and vehicles, prepare to unleash chaos in the most creative and explosive ways you can imagine.


Explore a Mediterranean island paradise with complete vertical freedom – skydive, BASE jump and free dive in an open world with virtually zero limits

Glide through the air and swoop across mountains with your Wingsuit giving a new way to rain death from above

Use your Grapple and Parachute to scale buildings, hijack vehicles, move quickly or tether objects together for creative new ways to cause Chaos.

Cause massive chains of destruction in military bases, harbours, prisons, police stations and communications facilities to bring down a dictator

Arm yourself with a wide range of explosive weaponry from shotguns and missile launchers to tank-busters and air-strikes

Choose from a huge variety of different vehicles to drive including speedboats, jets, helicopters, turbo-fuelled sports cars and super bikes

Get adventurous with dozens of challenge missions and collectibles to discover

Online community features”

Steam Link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/225540/


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