Lets Play Blood & Gold: Caribbean! Season 4 Episode 36: The Game Now Wants Me To Lose

Hey Everyone,

In our conquest for the Caribbean, no Nation or Pirate is safe from our mighty Warships!

Caribbean! is a sandbox RPG game set during the age of sail. Fight on both land and sea, trade or plunder, it’s your decision.

Caribbean! was made using Mount and Blade: Warband’s engine, so there are a lot of similarities.

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Developer: Snowbird Games


About Blood & Gold: Caribbean!

“‘Blood & Gold: Caribbean!’ is a blend of economic strategy and open-world RPG, set in the pirate era of XVII Century Caribbean. The game is based on the significantly improved Mount & Blade: Warband engine.

Free for all previous owners of ‘Caribbean!’, Blood & Gold brings community’s most wanted features, such as an addition of the Native tribes, reworked locations and strategy map, playable female character, special missions and other numerous tweaks and improvements.

Decide your own role and create your own adventure in Blood & Gold!

You could start out as a mercenary, accept an assassination mission, collect your reward, walk into a tavern and spend it all in a game of blackjack. Pick up a hooker, lend “protection” services to her procurer and get hit with a stool in your face during a street fight.

Get enslaved and sent to work in a mine, escape with your fellow prisoners, beat all the guards, then rob convoys with an army of former slaves. Save some gold, buy your first plantation and get rich by trading sugar.

Marry a governor’s daughter, acquire a colony to rule and declare war against Spain. Spend all your savings on cannons, lose 10 boats and a corvette during a sea siege. Rush in first during a breach of the fortress in Havana and die from your own flagship’s friendly fire.


Reworked version of the original game with a lot of new additions and improvements, free for all previous owners of “Caribbean!”.

Gather your own fleet and army to conquer Caribbean — with detailed management options and a lot customization possibilities on your hand.

Make use of your business and trading talents by managing your commercial property and convoys.

Naval battles with controllable ships and boarding fights.

Special governor and underground missions: assassinations, arsons, seizure of property, protection of brothels and many more.

With blackjack and hookers: take a break and try to make some money by playing cards.”

Steam Link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/413710/


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