Let’s Play Shoppe Keep Episode 6: Tree Huggers – Shoppe Keep Gameplay

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In Shoppe Keep, the player gets to run their own medieval shop. You’re able to set prices, order new merchandise, and murder thieves and the innocent. In this Let’s Play Shoppe Keep series we’ll do just that… kill innocent people.

Thanks for watching this let’s play video and I hope that you enjoy the episode! šŸ˜€

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Please be aware that the developers of Shoppe Keep sent me a free copy of the game to put on my channel


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About Shoppe Keep:


-Manage your own shoppe, from ordering stock, setting prices and placing stock for sale
-Design your own shoppe layout by ordering tables, shelves and weapon racks
-Unlock new abilities and perks in the skill menu, including gardening, alchemy, the grinder and higher tier stock
-Use the helper bot to collect items thrown by customers, zap thieves and restock items
-Create a champion, select its class and send them out on adventures
-Arm yourself with a sword and magic spells to defend your shoppe from cheeky thieves and destructive barbarians
-Maintain your shoppe using the hammer to repair furniture and the broom to sweep away dirt (And corpses)
-Cycles through 4 seasons, with each season featuring a most wanted item. Frost Resists potions sell best in Winter etc.”



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