Let’s Play Software Inc Episode 2: The Best 2D Game Of All Time – Software Inc Gameplay

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Welcome to our Let’s Play Software Inc series. In Software Inc you get to run your own Software Development studio. You are able to build your own OS, Editors, and even make your own Games. Software Inc gamplay is similar very to Sims 4 and Game Dev Tycoon.

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About Software Inc.

“Construct and design buildings for optimal working conditions. Hire people to design and release software, so you can defeat the simulated competition and take over their businesses. Manage and educate your employees to make sure they are skilled and satisfied with their job.

Software Inc. combines tycoon gameplay with multi-story building mechanics, employee management and a simulated market. It is inspired by games like Game Dev Tycoon, Prison Architect, The Sims and Theme Hospital.

-Build, furnish and maintain office buildings up to ten stories + basement, on an enormous Land
-Hire employees to design, develop, support, research and market software in teams
-Build roads and parking to ease commuting for your employees
-Tend to your employees’ needs, demands, skills and specializations, while making sure each team has compatible personalities
-Customize your own employee avatar
-Create your own software products and franchises
-Compete in a simulated or event-driven market by selling your products, taking on contract work or trading stocks
-Hire staff to repair your furniture and computers, and clean your office
-Mod what kind of software you can develop, what kind of companies will be simulated, game scenarios, missions, personalities and random name generators
-Delegate important tasks to your team leaders, such as managing development cycles and human resources
-Set up your own servers for products, source control and running your own online store”

Steam Link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/362620/


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