Nimbatus – Auto-Mining Drone – Let’s Play Nimbatus – The Space Drone Constructor Gameplay Livestream

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Please be aware that this is a pre-alpha version of Nimbatus, so there might be bugs and things might change during development.

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Thank you for watching this let’s play Nimbatus – The Space Drone Constructor gameplay video! You guys know what to do if you like the #video! πŸ˜€


Livestream Schedule:

Sunday – 11:00pm (EST)
Tuesday – 11:00pm (EST)
Thursday – 11:00pm (EST)


About Nimbatus – The Space Drone Constructor

Nimbatus is a procedurally generated action simulation game. Craft freely customizable drones and explore an endless universe. Drones interact with the destructible environment in a physically correct manner. On your journey you will find hundreds of different drone components and research groundbreaking new technology.

Key Features:
-Create your own drones with physics
-Countless drone parts
-Sensor and Logic parts to build fully autonomous drones
-Thousands of different weapon combinations
-Procedurally generated universe
-Fully destructible environment

Inspired by:
-Faster Than Light
-Kerbal Space Program

Nimbatus Steam Page:


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