Starcom: Nexus – Building A Ship To Find Our Way Home And Destroying Massive Enemies

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If you are into games like Cosmoteer, Avorion, or TerraTech, you’ll probably enjoy #StarcomNexus. Starcom Nexus is a top down Space Action RPG, where players can build their own ship and explore a large galaxy filled with different solar systems. The goal of Starcom Nexus is to find our way home after being sucked up a wormhole.

Starcom Nexus is still currently in early access, so please be aware that what you are seeing is not the final product. Things can change.

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This series showcases different types of games that I come across. Unlike most reviews, the gameplay here will be mostly blind, aside from tutorials, so these videos will mostly be my first impressions on a game.

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Where to buy Starcom: Nexus?


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About Starcom: Nexus

You’ve finally made it out of the academy and have been given your first ship to command. Sure it’s just a light shuttle, but you’ve got to start somewhere, right? Suddenly “somewhere” is stranded in an unknown galaxy surrounded by hostile aliens and no way home.

Explore the beautiful and mysterious open-world of Starcom: Nexus. It’s a universe where you’ll battle or befriend strange alien races, discover ancient artifacts, research powerful technologies and build your ultimate starship.


-A gorgeous universe full of interactive planets to explore and celestial phenomena to discover

-Fast-paced exciting combat with numerous hostile factions

-Explore a fully open-world universe with mysterious artifacts, warp gateways, comets, lost colonies, galactic mysteries and hundreds of unique planetary anomalies to investigate

-Over 150 technologies to research

-Design your own ship using a modular construction system

-Talk and trade with multiple alien factions, each with their own agendas and dynamic AI

-Lots of hidden secrets and side quests

-Much, much more!


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