The Biggest Modular Drone, As Long As A Planet – Let’s Play Nimbatus Closed Alpha Gameplay Ep 7

In today’s episode of Nimbatus, we build the biggest modular drone ever! Actually, I think it might be the first modular drone that can grow. This is definitely the largest drone that I’ve ever made.
This drone is broken down into 3 sections; the head, the body, and the tail… it’s basically a snake. What makes this drone special is that this drone can get as long as you want. The tail contains a factory that produces the body sections. Once in the correct position, the drone automatically locks together using magnets. When the next section is ready, detach the tail and dock the new body. The magnets are strong, but it is possible to accidently have them detach. The head can produce a new tail with it’s factory, if the tail is destroyed. I decided to use the tail to produce the body sections instead of the head because I found it easier to attach the sections this way. In this video, we were able to build a drone as long as the diameter of the planet. I could have gone bigger but I was running out of time. The snake drone is still not done, but it’s functional and a lot of fun to use.

Here is a link to my first spinning WASD Drone:

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A big thank you to Stray Fawn Studio for providing me with a key to Nimbatus so that I can show you gameplay of the game.

#Nimbatus is a drone building game where the player must design and build their own drones and go down to the planet’s surface to defeat enemies and to gather resources. In this version of Nimbatus, you can even design your own weapons. I like to build automated drones that goes out to gather resources and to defeat the enemies on a planet’s surface.

Please be aware that this is the closed alpha version of Nimbatus, so there might be bugs and things might change during development. I’m not playing the demo version, I’m playing the full game.

Thank you for watching WASD The Deadliest Fidget Spinner! Spinning Drone – Let’s Play Nimbatus Closed Alpha Gameplay Ep 6! You guys know what to do if you like the video! 😀


If you’d like to try Nimbatus, you can download the free demo over at the game’s website. The demo is a very basic version of the game, but it should give you an idea of what the game is like.

Nimbatus Website:
Nimbatus Kickstarter:
Nimbatus Demo:


About Nimbatus – The Space Drone Constructor

Nimbatus is a procedurally generated action simulation game. Craft freely customizable drones and explore an endless universe. Drones interact with the destructible environment in a physically correct manner. On your journey you will find hundreds of different drone components and research groundbreaking new technology.

Key Features:
-Create your own drones with physics
-Countless drone parts
-Sensor and Logic parts to build fully autonomous drones
-Thousands of different weapon combinations
-Procedurally generated universe
-Fully destructible environment

Inspired by:
-Faster Than Light
-Kerbal Space Program

Nimbatus Steam Page:


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