Total War + Mount & Blade, Fight Next To Your Troops In Massive Battles – Sellswords: Ashen Company

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Sellswords: Ashen Company is a combination of Total War and Mount & Blade: Warband. Like Total War, you can command an army in a massive battle containing thousand of units. And like Mount & Blade: Warband, take control of the general and fight alongside your troops in an epic battle. To me, #SellswordsAshenCompany sounds like a dream come true. I’ve always wanted a game that combined the elements from Total War and Mount & Blade: Warband, 2 of my favourite games. This game is still in the very early stages of development, so not all the features are in the game and expect bugs.

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TOTAL WAR Meets MOUNT & BLADE: MASSIVE BATTLES – Sellswords: Ashen Company

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About Sellswords: Ashen Company

Sellswords: Ashen Company is a medieval Action RTS. As a captain of a mercenary company, you shall travel the world seeking for contracts, manage your company, and take part in massive battles. All of this in a unique blend between Real Time Strategy and Third Person Melee Combat.

Sellswords: Ashen Company is the first game of its kind, seamlessly blending between RTS and Third Person Combat, in huge battles with thousands of soldiers.

What content is in the game right now?
1 Game Mode: Custom Battle
1 Battle Mode: Land Battle
3 Factions: Pratoria, Sakharia and Woltania
2 Unit Types: Infantry and Missile
3 Battle Maps

What to expect from next updates?
New unit types: Cavalry and Pikemen
Horse riding with captain
New battle mode: Siege Battle
Campaign Mode

More info on trello:

Sellswords: Ashen Company’s Steam Page:


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