In today’s episode of TerraTech, we build a hovercraft using mostly Hawkeye bocks. Hawkeye blocks are tough, but heavy. Which means that we need a lot of strong hoverpads to get this thing off the ground. This isn’t the best hovercraft that I’ve built and I’ll be redoing this build. The biggest problem is that this craft isn’t that maneuverable, which is a big problem for something that’s supposed to be fast. I do know how to fix it, but we don’t have the parts or the money ๐Ÿ˜›

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TerraTech is an open world sandbox game where you get to design and build your own techs. In TerraTech you are able to gather resources, and then refine those resources at your custom built base. You can then decide to either sell those refined items or build new items for your tech. To get more parts in TerraTech, you either have to do missions, defeat other techs, craft them in the fabricator, or reach a new level with a company. You’re not only restricted to building cars, tanks, or bases in TerraTech, you can also build planes, helicopters, and hover vehicles. You can make very massive techs in TerraTech. If you guys would like me to do guides, tutorials, or how to videos of TerraTech, please let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

We are playing in the unstable branch of TerraTech for this lets play, so there will be a lot of bugs and not everything shown will be finished. The unstable branch normally allows us to try out new weapons, blocks, and gameplay mechanics that are being added to TerraTech. There is also a chance for an update to break our game, so we might have to start a new TerraTech game. We are currently playing version 7.9.2 of TerraTech.

Lets Play TerraTech Season 3 Unstable Gameplay Playlist:

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About TerraTech:

TerraTech is an open-world, sandbox adventure game, where you design and build your own creations through a mix of crafting, combat and discovery. Explore a hostile alien landscape, or design with creative freedom. The choice is yours.

Start your career as an Intergalactic miner on a randomly generated infinite world in search of profit and glory in Campaign, sit back and build to your hearts content in Creative mode or pit your Techs against the clock and dare to run the Gauntlet Challenge. There are many game modes available in TerraTech to stretch your Tech building imagination to the limits!

This is an Early Access game, with everything that implies. Please check the System Requirements to ensure your PC is compatible.

TerraTech’s Steam Page:


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TerraTech – Building A Hovercraft – Lets Play TerraTech Unstable Gameplay Ep 21

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